Dr Von Houligan began his journey as a confused youth, when he was taught a magic trick at the tender age of 7. It was amazing yet odd all at the same time. The magic was now different for him and it would take many years for him to understand why. After a journey that took him to the far reaches of the world, he finally understood how the magic really worked. Since then, Dr Von Houligan has been bringing this knowledge to his show and has been entertaining folks all over the world. From Paris to Las Vegas to New Zealand, Dr Von Houligan has been bringing joy and amazement to the world since ’07.

       He has a unique style that hails from the 1920’s, with a dash of flamboyancy. He lives from his steamer trunks that he takes everywhere with him, so he always has his props with him and is ready to raise a show at the drop of a hat.

      You can usually find him inside the Dr Von Houligan circus tent. A grand structure of over 3500 Square feet and reaching up above 22 feet tall. He balances all manor of object. Escapes from all styles of restraints. Juggles paraphernalia in the strangest of ways. He whips the crowd into an excited frenzy while dazzling them with magical feats. He smells like cotton candy and can live for weeks off of popcorn. He is, the most interesting circus performer.

He is, Dr Von Houligan



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